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“When I first came to Dana I would say that I was in probably what was the worst period of my entire life. My husband filed for divorce, had already started moving his things out of the house, was seeing someone else who had her claws in him like you wouldn’t believe, and I got laid off. Yeah. It was bad. Within a two month period of working with Dana, however, I saw each aspect of my life change in my favor. First, he said ‘I stopped seeing her.’ then he said ‘I’m going to move my stuff back in for a while.’ and finally he said ‘let’s rethink this and stay together.’ Besides this, I also got offered my old job back, but also a better one with another company which I took instead. I attribute all of this to Dana and her family. They are hard workers and I hope this testimonial will help someone else make their decision to give Dana a shot! She will help you if you let her help you!”

-Dominique [USA]

“YES, I WOULD LOVE TO LEAVE YOU A TESTIMONIAL! I am so excited still, even though you finished this months ago, every day I feel like I am waking up in a really awesome dream. It’s been hard to accept that all of this is real, but it absolutely is!!! My man is devoted and boy do I mean devoted!!!! He does everything for me. He ditched his player life, ditched the drugs, and stopped partying. He has been total attentive and total romantic. He now has asked me just yesterday for a more serious commitment, and he says he wants to reveal it on a vacation he wants to take me on. I don’t know where yet, don’t know what it is yet, but I think he’s going to propose!! Thank you Dana, I OWE IT ALL TO YOU GIRL!!”

-Chrissy [USA]

“I can confidently say that no one else gave it to me straight like Dana. She told me exactly what was wrong, exactly what to do to fix it, and what to expect. She kept me updated too along the way, so it was truly easy to follow along with what was going on to fix the situation. Dana is a real pro and my life has been getting better every day ever since. My relationship is now better than it has ever been and I cannot believe I can say that I know we will be happy forever…but I know we will be happy forever! Thank you Dana, for hiring you was the best decision I ever made!”

-Nick [USA]

“After having tried as many as I have tried, I had almost no hope that this would work. I noticed though fast, within a week, that he was acting differently towards me. He was paying more attention to me. He was taking me out on dates again. He wanted to be physical too, which was nice since we hadn’t touched in months prior. He has totally become the romantic guy I always knew he could be. Dana saved my relationship and I am so honored to tell the world!”

-Bobbi [CANADA]

“I cannot recommend anyone better for anything relationship-oriented than Dana and her family. They go above and beyond and have been helping me for years with a ton of things (not just relationship stuff, but I have had a rather…lustful ambition throughout the years!). I have used Dana for as long as I have needed help with any of it. She’s efficient, a fast communicator and someone who is going to be able to give you an affordable rate on something that will actually help you. Her skills are top notch. Her passion for what she does is top notch, and she will quickly become more than just a resource to you but also a friend! I have seen her fix things many people would consider absolutely impossible. I have seen her fix things for myself that I thought were impossible. She is hands down incredible and I would very strongly recommend her to anyone in their time of need!”

-Mary Lou [UK]

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