Introducing Dana

“Hello, My friends call me Dana, and I realize you are probably finding me in a state of sorrow or desire…but there is something to be said about finally having found the right person to help you! This is a process that can be handled, almost every situation is fixable and you do not have to do it all alone. My family and I believe you deserve the best help, real help, and someone who will care to see you through to actual happiness!
All of us here at Bequest are highly trained, highly skilled, have a lifetime of experience, and we work really hard to see you to happiness! We would love to get to know your situation and are excited to help you! Contact us today and get your free, honest assessment of what it will take to get this taken care of and I promise you will be feeling better before you know it!
I look forward to hearing from you and helping you every way I can!

Relationship Help For Your Love Life

Sometimes relationships just need a little attention in the just the right places! Bequest specializes in helping you find true love, a soul mate, or in bringing back your ex. If your relationship is lacking passion, or that original spark, we can help!

Thousands of Happy Experiences

Bequest has helped thousands of people with their relationships and love lives. We are highly experienced, work together as a family, and can make this as easy as possible for you! Having a lifetime of experience is the #1 reason for our tremendously effective solutions!

Get A Free Consultation

Finding the right help is difficult these days, and many people lack the care necessary to get the job done! When our family takes on a new client, their life concerns become OUR life concerns, and that makes a world of difference in getting results! We invite you use our contact form and send us your story so that we can take the time to get to know you and your situation! Our consultations are free and you deserve the most appropriate consideration possible!

Looking to Start a Fresh Love Life?

No one likes being alone and it can create a lot of suffering, more than people realize. People reach out for other people for a reason. If you have found us looking to find a new love, you are in the right place and we can help you find the absolute best match for you! Let us help you find your absolute soul mate!

Does it Feel Like Your Relationship Is Falling Apart?

Love can be a really confusing, painful thing to share with someone else! Sometimes, it feels like you are the only one sharing anything, the only one giving anything, or the only one feeling anything! Even in situations with intensely unfavorable odds, nearly all relationship can be salvaged and turned into a beautiful partnership again with the right focus and hard work! We specialize in turning fading, deprecating relationships into their fruitful potential once again – alive and thriving!

Did You Find Someone Else?

Sometimes people realize after already being in a committed relationship, that they are actually better off with someone else. The concept of changing partners can be an extremely daunting idea, sometimes so overbearing that it is seemingly impossible to act on this passion. Usually it leads to unnecessary sadness and suffering. However, you are able to have the person you truly wish to be with and everyone can wind up happy in the end, too!

Is Your Partner Seeing Someone Else?

If you have found your partner has begun seeing someone else, a lot of emotions may be present. It is an extremely frustrating and hurtful situation to discover, and can require a lot of energy to even process! If you have decided you still wish to be with your partner, it can be even harder to salvage! The good news is, almost all relationships are savable with the correct techniques and skills! We specialize in helping fix things exactly like this!

We Can Help You!

We are really good at this, have a lifetime of experience and you are absolutely in the right place! Simply finding us is the first step in getting the help you are looking for and getting a handle on your situation! Let us help you fix this, so you can be happy like the many people we’ve helped before you!

And remember, at Bequest we offer a full refund guarantee for up to one year!

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Taking The First Step…
You do not have to do this all alone! We would be honored to help you through this and invite you to tell us your story so that we can help you determine the best plan! Take advantage of our Free Consultation today!

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